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Why PCI Compliance Requires Guidance & Expertise

At PayTech Trust, we are excited to provide PCI compliance services. PCI compliance is a set of rules and regulations that apply to any business that accepts credit card data, and is intended to protect both the business and the customer from fraud. Successful businesses maintain integrity and sustained value by providing PCI compliance, and secure transactions are important for merchants and a key element of the customer service that PayTech Trust provides. For many, the decision to pick a merchant services provider begins with simplicity, and as you get ready to start your business journey in healthcare, medical, veterinary work, or similar industries, we invite you to begin by asking for our free services analysis. It is free for you, and the potential value is the difference between saving a few bucks on the front end of a contract and remaining confident and frustration-fee as your business grows. In a sea of technology change, we make it easy for you to stay compliant.

The difference between a traditional merchant services provider and a partnership with PayTech Trust starts with how you want to devote your efforts. All of our service advisors collaborate to create tailored service solutions and collaborate with each business owner to understand their current needs, and potential goals to ensure business and customers remain free from fraudulent activity. Our team makes it easy to see the simple value add of combining leading industry processing services with the guidance and coaching needed to steer your growth. No two solutions are ever the same.

Unlike other payments companies who take a “one-size-fits-most” approach to both partnership and merchant services, we specialize in custom programs and solutions designed to meet your unique needs. Our payments experts pride themselves in delivering tailor merchant solutions and services excellence that can’t be found anywhere else. Most importantly, understanding how PCI standards change is critical for your data security for all cardholder security. PCI compliance requirements are based on the annual transaction volume. It’s important to understand which standards apply to your business, and how to meet the requirements listed. Failing to do so leaves merchants at risk for data breaches, which could lead to fines and card replacement fees, as well as audits, investigations into their business, and heavy damage to their brand name. Our team of advisors provide as a safety net to ensure a proactive approach is utilized so your business is never caught off guard.

Working with PayTech Trust for trusted PCI compliance means working collaboratively. Our service approach is based on optimized technologies, educating based on misinformation in the market, and strengthening client relationships with best in class solutions and world-class support. We constantly strive to create a supportive environment backed by open communication and proactive engagement with all clients. Our sales advisors check in with each other and provide ongoing support throughout each day, addressing and talking through any issues that arise with clients and business owners. When customers choose PayTech Trust, they receive a partnership tailor-made for their specific business environment and individual needs. Our mission is to act as consultants to educate our customers. If your business is in need of a comprehensive assessment for payment services and process outsourcing, please visit our website at to learn more about opportunities for secure processing services.


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