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Value of Email: Lowering The Cost of Acquisition for New Customers

Everyone has email, but not every business knows how to use email correctly. Used correctly, an email database of current customers, potential leads, and business contacts provide the best leg up to building sales. Nothing is more valuable to your business than growing great qualified prospects. The value you get from building an audience of people you get to talk to over and over again is the most undervalued asset in every company.

As an expert in business process automation, we frequently met merchants that need a brief overview of the benefits of email and understanding how to complement their B2B efforts with social media platforms with building traffic to their website. Social media is usually the quickest way to see instant results, but throwing money into online ad campaigns isn’t the only way to see ROI for their efforts. Sometimes the simplest measure is to build your email database, mine your contacts, and send relevant expertise, tips, or client testimonials to your email list.

One easy way to build your email mailing list is to offer an email receipt at the time of payment. This is the easiest way to build a database of your best client – your existing customers and offer specials or reward loyalty. Have you ever noticed that major retail chains at checkout will always offer the e-mail receipt option? They do this to build their database for marketing campaigns. Email receipts are one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to get to know your existing customers, and to reward them and keep them coming back to your business.


The upside is that you have an established business that is already getting good organic traffic. If you want to increase that traffic, focus on building connections throughout social media platforms, requesting customer reviews, and putting out valuable content to drive people back to your website as the centerpiece of all your marketing. Merchants have experienced great results from focusing on these foundational elements.

Email campaigns provide a chance to stay top of mind with customers. It also provides the ability for clients to have invoices emailed, email address gathering is preferred for loyalty program traction (loyalty tools).

Payment creates an opportunity for an intimate point for transaction satisfaction and provides additional value from the customer.

Most beneficial about the approach that we recommend is that you have to create great content in order to be effective on LinkedIn and build your audience. If you’re already putting in the effort to create that content you might as well be running email campaigns in order to get additional leverage out of that content.

With headquarters in the Mid-Atlantic region, we have always been excited to connect with business owners along the East Coast. PayTech Trust seeks to help business owners to grow their business development skills and advance their organizational knowledge, which we build by creating tailored solutions aimed at streamlined automation of key processes. Together, our clients receive our plans in a partnership-based approach to solution services, we provide our clients with a greater understanding of how these programs can unlock potential advantages for their customer base as well.

PayTech Trust is proud to have a strong relationship with thousands of business members nationwide. We hope this relationship helps to educate our clients about how they can nurture their email database to lower the cost of acquisition for customer growth and provide memorable customer service.

To begin a dialogue and learn how our expertise can serve you best, contact us today so we can help you navigate and negotiate the best solution, pricing and contract terms for your business development goals.

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