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How to Receive a Line of Credit with a Very Low-Interest Rate Today

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Small and midsize business owners face financing challenges even in the best economic times. Those challenges often become nearly insurmountable during economic downturns, when bigger banks and financial institutions tighten their credit requirements or stop extending lines of credit altogether. At PayTech Trust, we understand the needs of small and midsize businesses. We work with you to help your business obtain the credit you need, regardless of the economic climate. As financial experts, we have the know-how to make it happen.

Receive a Line of Credit at a Very Low-Interest Rate

Small to midsize business owners often find it challenging to obtain a line of credit at an interest rate they can afford. At PayTech Trust, we recognize that companies of all sizes need access to credit. Unlike the big banks and other financial institutions, PayTech Trust offers small and midsize companies the additional lines of credit they need to operate their businesses at very low-interest rates.

Working Capital When You Need It

Working capital is an essential lifeline for any company. The availability of working capital means that the money will be there when a business faces an unforeseen expense – or even to take advantage of a can’t-miss opportunity.

With a line of credit from PayTech Trust, even if the funds aren’t needed today, that working capital reserve means that it will be readily available when money is needed.

Pay No Interest Until You Use It

With a conventional loan, interest accrues the minute the funds are disbursed. With a PayTech Trust line of credit, no interest is charged until after the first withdrawal of funds. That can translate into significant savings.

Same Day Pre-Approvals

Big banks and conventional financial institutions often require would-be borrowers to jump through hoops and submit extensive paperwork. It can then take weeks to make a determination. At PayTech Trust, we recognize that small and midsize business owners don’t have the time or the personnel to navigate the tedious process. We make the lending process as painless as possible, with simple paperwork, same-day pre-approvals, and quick turnaround on final lending decisions.

Get Needed Credit – When It’s Needed

While banks and other financial institutions pull back on lending or outright refuse to grant loan applications, PayTech Trust provides guidance and education on how merchants can obtain lines of credit. The experts at PayTech Trust are here to help small and midsize business owners get the working capital they need today. For more information, contact Jim Hendrick, Product Manager, at 703-865-5793 or at

PayTech Trust offers secure merchant accounts and online credit card processing for businesses of all sizes. With our collaborative suite of services and best practices to integrate new payment trends, PayTech Trust has the experience and the expertise your business needs.


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