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PayTech Trust™ is a national provider of integrated payroll services. Partnering with local trusted advisors, PayTech Trust™ offers clients a solution that integrates payroll with a wide variety of business services; a user-friendly, web-based interface; and unparalleled customer support.

Our scalable product can meet your needs and budget whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees and we provide a dedicated customer service representative for your company. View or Download PayTech Trust™ Services Overview PDF

Enterprise-Smart Payroll™

PayTech Trust’s Enterprise-Smart™ Payroll System  provides an integrated approach to payroll, retirement, and HRIS. Offering a suite of integrated solutions that are secure, unified, web-based and real-time, PayTech Trust provides speed and convenience, increases accuracy by eliminating inefficiencies in data capture and processing, and keeps you compliant with federal, state and local regulations.

The PayTech Trust Enterprise solution offers companies all the services included in Payroll Only plus extended Employee Self Service, Benefit Enrollment, Recruiting & On Boarding, Performance Management, and Succession Planning & Training.

Payroll Only Services

Our Payroll Only service provides a cost effective solution for those companies that don’t need other extended services. This includes: Pay Checks, Direct Deposits, Reporting, Retirement Integration, employee pay-view and tax filing.

More about PayTech Trust’s Enterprise-Smart Payroll Service

Features of the PayTech Trust Advantage…

  • Web-based Solution:Scalable and securely-hosted. Verify and process payroll from anywhere, anytime.
  • Real-Time Performance:Immediate access to payroll data, as well as the ability to view preliminary payroll reports prior to final posting.
  • Census Data:PayBridge’s Census Vault enables on-demand, electronic access to payroll census data which is critical to plan compliance.
  • Platform Independent:  PayTech Trust integrates with virtually any retirement or insurance plan.
  • Integrated:  PayTech Trust payroll, 401(k) and benefits integration eliminates the need for the client to maintain or edit contribution files.
  • Single Database:  One database. One employee record. PayTech Trust unifies payroll, HRIS, timekeeping, benefits and retirement which eliminates manual and repetitive data entry.
  • Simplified Implementation Process:The entire implementation process is managed by the PayTech Trust implementation team. All year-to-date data is loaded prior to initial payroll processing.
  • Superior Customer Support:  PayTech Trust provides a client-assigned Customer Service Representative to guide and assist you with payroll questions or needs—no more 800 number call centers.

HRIS: Web-based and secure access to your HR database—anywhere, anytime.

Efficient human resources are a critical part of every enterprise. From recruiting to hiring to the exit interview, PayTech Trust human resources provides organized tracking and instant access to critical employee data through a real-time, web-based database. PayTech Trust’s solution also includes:

  • Robust reporting feature
  • Real time employee benefit statements
  • Compliance with EEO, HIPAA, OSHA, and COBRA mandates
  • Immediate benefit eligibility based on pre-determined criteria
  • Intuitive, automated event wizards for salary reviews and new hires

PayTech Trust’s enterprise-smart HR solution brings unprecedented speed and ease to internal processes. Maintaining an unlimited amount of employee data, PayTech Trust’s HR solution uses a powerful single database to unify operations across HR, Payroll, and benefits enrollment that allows for a single update which populates each portion of the integrated system to:

  • Eliminate manual reconciliation of benefits standard costs
  • Manage correspondence with employees online
  • Automate training requests, programs, management and approvals
  • Manage recruiting database and automate hiring campaigns, send offer and rejection letters
  • Track administered test results, interview notes and manage interview schedules online
  • Automatically transfer data when an applicant is hired
  • Store pictures, PDFs, and Microsoft Word documents associated with employee events

PayTech Trust’s enterprise-smart HR solution also offers a self-service feature–Employee and Manager Self Service (ESS)—which allows employees to view salary history, input benefit data, request vacation time, and participate in open enrollments without excess paperwork.

Time and Attendance Services

Time tracked thru PC, Web-Punch, Telephone, Time Clock, EConnect and GPS. All solutions have bi-directional integration with the Payroll software. This functionality provides single employee data base management and insures that both platforms are always in sync.

Additional  PayTech Trust Services

PayBridge offerings ensure your business has all the tools it needs for seamless integration of services. Our scalable product can meet your needs and budget whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees. We provide personal and professional services by having a dedicated customer service representative for your company. Our additional services include:


ACA Compliance & Reporting

PayBridge’s ACA Reporting and Compliance services assists our clients in:

  1. Determining if there is a requirement to offer coverage under the Employer Shared Responsibility (ESR) Provisions and Employer Mandate by determining your Applicable Large Employer (ALE) Status.
  2. Understanding the affordability and minimum value requirements to determine if coverage offered is sufficient to avoid a “Pay or Play” Penalty through ACA comparison worksheets, “Pay or Play” reports and Benefit Offering audits and reports.
  3. Preparing for and understanding new federal reporting requirements by filing applicable forms with the IRS to remain compliant.

Prescription Hope Pharmacy Program

A value-add program to traditional prescription medication coverage

  • Prescription Hope is a nationwide advocacy program that obtains prescription medications for Americans at a price they can afford. We are not a discount card or insurance plan.
  • Qualified individuals obtain their medication for the set price of $30 per month per medication.
  • Prescription Hope has a formulary of over 1,500 FDA-approved prescription medications, including the top – 100 prescribed medications in the United States.

Human Resource Management & Support Services

You will receive immediate access to our HR support staff, an initial Onboarding packet, plus access to our other Personal Customized Projects/Tasks/Services as you need them.

Risk Management

Paybridge works in tandem with partners who specialize in the field of risk management, property and casualty and workers compensation. Paybridge’s enterprise-smart solutions supports pay-as-you-go workers comp.

Pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation aligns payroll-based workers compensation premiums with true profile of client, to avoid over/under-funding with lump-sum premium billing from carriers and related need for “true-up” at year end. Pay-as-you go gives clients more control of their cash reserves.

Total Outsourcing

PayTech Trust can provide your business with a permanent or temporary payroll or human resource specialist. Our comprehensive knowledge ensures day-to-day functionality, correct payroll, and compliance to regulations.

Our experience with many different software packages enables us to maintain your current system. If you currently operate your own custom in-house application, our payroll professionals will quickly get up to speed and you will experience no down-time. PayTech Trust can help your business with:

  • Checking of new hire forms
  • Managing paperwork
  • Adding to the payroll software
  • Keying time entry
  • Running management payroll reports
  • Answering questions for the management team
  • Providing phone support to employees regarding the payroll information

Electronic Carrier Feeds

PayTech Trust will provide electronic carrier data feeds for the Employer Paid and Employee Paid benefits that are offered by an employer. Carrier Feeds are available for groups of 20 or more employees.

ERISA Wrap Document Service

PayTech Trust will bundle all your ERISA benefits under one plan document and 5500 filing number. All plans, self-insured, fully insured and third party providers will be in compliance with timely filings and distribution of the proper documents to your employees.

FLMA Administration

If your company has over 50 employees you are subject to the regulations, policies and procedures associated with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). PayBridge provides a 24/7 electronic tracking system that allows for accurate up to date reporting to insure compliance and accuracy.

Cobra Administration

PayTech Trust coordinates with your trusted advisor to provide an enterprise-smart approach to COBRA administration by putting it in the hands of experts to help you stay compliant with requirements and avoid liability. Your TPA will take care of paperwork, employee notification, and coordination on premiums with insurance carriers.

Employee Handbook Development & Distribution

PayTech Trust will update or create an Employee Manual/Handbook customized for your needs.

Exchange Notice Distribution

PayTech Trust will send out the exchange notices to your employees in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.


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