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Payment Facilitation

Payment Facilitation Made Simple

We help software companies looking to become payment facilitators avoid the massive development and infrastructure costs, risk and compliance requirements and operational expertise simply by leveraging our Payment Facilitation technology. Create a frictionless and fully integrated PayFac platform and derive substantial revenue in less than 60 days, all from the payments currently running through your application.

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Why do software providers partner with PayTech?

The reason is simple. Software companies realize the sizable revenue opportunity that monetizing payments yields by being a Payment Facilitator, but they don’t want to spend millions of dollars and take a year or more to develop their own infrastructure. Secondarily, shouldering the burden of risk is a frightening thing to many who don’t fully understand payments. By partnering with us, you’re able to deliver a fully integrated PayFac solution to turn what has traditionally been a cost center into a revenue center. Simply leverage our suite of APIs, established relationships with processors, our decades of experience and operational infrastructure across marketing, sales, service, and risk management and underwriting to build the custom payments integration your software users have been asking for.

We do the work. You collect the check. It’s that Simple.

A Full-Circle Payment Integration Built Specifically for Software Applications

Becoming a PayFac is hard. It takes a ton of time, a significant financial investment, payments industry expertise and an understanding of risk, compliance and operational execution. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could make becoming a PayFac easier for you?

That’s precisely what we do at PayTech Trust.

We offer everything you need to enable payments within your technology platform under one roof. Simply code to our extensive and robust API

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libraries, complete with sample code, and we’ll take it from there. We provision and issue merchant accounts and automate the enrollment process so you can start earning revenue from the payments flowing through your platform in less than 30 days. No one else can make that claim. No one.

We also leverage our operational infrastructure before and once you’re processing payments – items like implementation, marketing, sales, billing, customer support and more…even follow-up calls to get merchants activated with one simple click.

The path to generating revenue can’t be any easier or quicker for you.

Avoid the risk, hassles, time and expense of custom development inside your software platform so your users can make payments.


Payfac-in-a-Box includes:

  • Ability to quickly and efficiently create a custom, embedded and holistic payment solution through our suite of APIs.

  • Automated on-boarding with one-click merchant acceptance allows you to board 100% of your existing users and all new customers moving forward.

  • Generous recurring revenue share increases incremental revenue that goes straight to your bottom line.

  • All ongoing merchant support.

  • Maintain full PCI-DSS compliance for merchants and developers.

  • Get all the features and functionality of being a PayFac (payment facilitator) without the risk, registration, or PCI and technical requirements.

Before you earn one single dollar from processing, here are the must haves:

  1. Sponsorship – Find a processor that will sponsor you as a PayFac with a member bank and the card associations.

  2. Underwriting – Pass an extensive underwriting process.

  3. Cash Reserves – Put up significant cash reserves and personal guarantees with the bank or the processor. Secondarily, you must develop credit underwriting guidelines and anti-money laundering policies.

  4. Development Resources – You must have the internal technical resources required to manage settlement and funding to your downstream customers.

  5. Payment Expertise – Hire staff with payment experience in acquiring, risk and compliance, implementation, integration, support and operational infrastructure to support the day-to-day activities of the payments business.

  6. Compliance – Ensure that payments operations are in and remain in full compliance with PCI and other mandates from the card brands, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.


But that all goes away simply by leveraging PayFac-in-a-Box.

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